Pints: Flagship on the River now available!

PINTS: Stories Behind the Beer, is a documentary series focused on the humble and not-so-humble beginnings of the craft beer revolution and how it was built. This series tells the stories of why beer is made, not just how. In the Pacific Northwest, a region seemingly flooded with craft breweries, PINTS examines the folks who make beer and their various journeys, portraying them in a compelling, narrative format. We film PINTS in a striking, cinematic way to emphasize people and place and better reflect the influence each has on the liquid that many so regularly enjoy.

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Deschutes Brewery "Pints" Film premiere.

PINTS: Flagship On the River examines Deschutes Brewery's bold beginnings in a depressed logging town as founder Gary Fish recounts the brewery's early days. The film features interviews with influent